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Construction Sites

Safety is where our culture impacts our business the most. We strive to maintain the safest job sites in the industry by building safety awareness into every part of our business.

Our M&R Construction family and tradespeople who work on our sites daily are part of our vision to have:


a.      A shared value for safety

b.     A shared commitment to safety at all levels throughout the company

c.      A belief that is possible to eliminate all incidents and injuries

d.     An environment of authentic care and concern for the workforce

e.      An environment where each individual takes direct responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their co-workers

f.       An environment where safety actions are driven by choice and not just from formal compliance of the rules

Minimized risk through planning

Ensuring all employees in the field and the office are educated on M&R Construction Group safety policies and equipped with the knowledge to implement these safety practices.

We provide safety programming and education for all employees, including internal campaigns and we have an obligation to the community, our clients, and everyone on our project sites to maintain a hazard-free environment. When risk is minimized, clients benefit from increased savings and a positive public perception of a project

M&R Construction Group – Ethics doing the right things.

As part of M&R Construction Group , M&R Construction Company upholds the highest business ethics. We deal fairly and honestly with others. We comply with all laws and regulations. We do what is right by acting in accordance with our companies core values.

We feel there is no substitute for the exercise of sound judgement based on the principles of forthrightness and integrity.


Construction and development can be grueling fields – the hours are long and the high level of autonomy can be stressful. M&R Construction Group is no different, whether you are out on a construction site, traveling constantly to client meetings, or supporting operations from an office. What makes M&R Construction Group different is the relationship that our employees share with their coworkers. Grounded in core values like integrity and teamwork, combined with the pride that comes from building stronger communities, there is a true spirit that everyone is in it together.


Integrity has always been a part of M&R Construction’s core ideology. Our commitment to the highest standards of honesty and fairness is further defined in The M&R Code. We are pleased to share M&R Construction’s Code of Conduct with our customers and business partners as we continue to build a great reputation for honoring commitments—doing what is right for employees, customers and the industry


M&R Construction Group stands for the highest standards of integrity and fairness by “Doing the Right thing”  






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Head Office

Cooksville MD 21723 

Tel: (410) 660 9960

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